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How to choose the right iOS app development firm

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 2:00AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

It is never easy to choose a proficient iPhone app developer. Hence, most businesses prefer to hire an iPhone app development firm who understands the application market and knows to build cross platform apps for Android, Blackberry, Windows 8 and other mobile operating systems.

Here I have provided some parameters to choose the right iOS app development firm:

1. Experience in iOS app development

Check if the company has the experience in developing similar mobile apps and publishing apps to the Apple App Store. Also look into their website to know about their development work. If the company has provided iPhone apps listed in App Store, check their links.

2. Clear understanding of iOS app development

It is essential that the development firm has the ability to grasp the ides for an app, design it and deploy it to the market. Judge if they are creative and are capable to come up with fresh ideas to the organizations.

3. Support and further up-gradation

Look for companies with large team of iPhone app developers, designers and testers who can be relied upon for good service and support. Even after the completion of the project, they should offer further support and services like bug fixes, upgrades to the application, technical support when needed.

It would be helpful if the development company has been into software development or web portal development.

Some customers also prefer to develop similar application for numerous other mobile app development platforms such as Android, Windows, RIM and many more. Hence, it is essential to have developers in the team who have experience in porting iOS applications to other mobile OS platforms.

Since its inception iPhone application development is developing rapidly. With the increase in the sales of iPhone and iPad, the demand of the app development for the platform has grown tremendously.


Fingerprint identification might be the Siri for next-gen iPhone

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 3:09AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

Apple’s next generation iPhone is expected to be an upgrade like the 4S and 3GS so presumably the next phone would be a 5S. Rather than being a complete renovation like the iPhone 5, the upcoming iPhone 5S will likely feature minor changes in the OS and some new hardware components. Apple will be introducing some new features that will convince Apple fans to upgrade their iPhone5 handset. Siri had prompted iPhone 4 owners to buy the iPhone 4S. New reports suggests that the next iPhone’s “Siri” will be a new fingerprint scanner that apple will integrate directly into the hardware.

Topeka Capital Market analyst Brian White stated “We believe fingerprint identification technology will be part of the iPhone 5S and this is likely to be the major new feature used to market the iPhone 5S, similar to what Siri was to the iPhone 4S”. He also pointed that Apple’s iPhone 5S will feature an improved camera and the buttons on the left will be arranged differently, and regarding the much rumored cheaper iPhone Apple plans to launch this year, White believes it will be debuted alongside iPhone 5S. An earlier report from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple’s next iPhone will include fingerprint scanning technology.

He quoted “Our general takeaway around Apple is that a lower-priced iPhone and the iPhone 5S will be announced together in June and launched in July. Despite recent reports to the contrary, our research indicates that a lower-priced iPhone is in the works,” and<i> “Essentially, this confirms our previous thinking. Strangely enough, the lower-priced iPhone is still being called the ‘iPhone mini’; however, the general consensus was that this new device would actually have the same screen size as the iPhone 5”


He also added “<i>The ‘iPhone mini’ will have a curved back casing made of colored plastic and will be thicker than the iPhone 5. We also learned the pricing could be a bit higher than our recently raised expectation, reaching as high as $400. As such, we are now projecting a $350 to $400 price point for the ‘iPhone mini.’ We believe this price point will provide relief for those investors concerned that Apple would be sacrificing too much margin or brand to serve the lower price band of the Smartphone market.”


iphone application developer are waiting for the update. They are also eager about the OS update which will give them new opportunity to build more exciting and colorful apps for a vibrant display.

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Reason behind Rails framework’s success

Mon, 04/01/2013 - 3:25AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

David Heinemeier Hansson first created Rails framework for Ruby programming language. It is an open-source web development framework which is written in Ruby. It is designed to specifically assist agile development methodology. Web developers use this framework for rapid web-app development that facilitates the programmers to build applications that are faster, simpler and with much ease. One of the prime reasons behind its success is that, it supports numerous databases such as MySQL, SQL and ORACLE. Hence it is very helpful in developing database-driven web applications.

Rails framework was officially released to the open source community as version 1 in 2005. Back then few would have known that David Hansson’s creation will bring a revolution to Ruby web application development. It inspired numerous programmers to work with Ruby and leave other established enterprise platforms. Looking at its success, Apple started bundling Rails with Mac OS-X operating system in 2007. Since then Rails community has grown phenomenally and introduced new versions and features. Today major companies like Google, Amazon, Groupon, Twitter etc are using Ruby on Rails to develop web application.

Learning a programming language from scratch can be tough for most developers. Whereas Ruby, is featured to be clear, simple, elegant yet powerful language to learn for the beginners. Its coding is simple, much like the natural language, which facilitates the developers to deploy applications faster. Ruby includes powerful productivity features like rapid feedback during coding. Developers around the world share a universal opinion that they can create apps more efficiently than other frameworks. It assists in cost-effective and in-schedule application development. Rails implements convention over configuration programming principle, which reflects the simplicity and elegance both Ruby the language and Rails platform features. It means programmers only need to write codes for the unconventional aspects of the application.

Ruby’s global community of dedicated and enthusiast developers have provided a plethora of resources and documentation to make the learning curve easier. Developers don’t feel like they are missing out anything. Rails being an open source and free framework exclude the need of spending money on licenses, renewals and other audits. It also facilitates the programmers to change the base code as per their requirement. It makes the task of ROR developer easier, as it requires less coding to implement new changes and updates into the application. It helps the developers to create user-friendly applications as well as making it simple and intriguing to use. Rails framework is enabled to develop secure and scalable application for the businesses.

A Rails developer can leverage organizations by delivering solutions that meets specific business requirements and within budget. Website development with Ruby on rails can enable the application to be optimized that caters businesses with maximum profit and profound online presence.


How to Configure Ruby on Rails environment on Mac OS-X?

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 4:17AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -
Most developers like to spend a bit of time setting up their environment. Being new to the Mac OS-X, Ruby on Rails set-up can be tiring for the programmers. So if you’re a Rails coder with the similar trouble this should help to get you started.
Xcode is available for free from the App Store; it provides multiple necessary tools for application development. Once downloaded; launch the Xcode to start setting-up environment. Then download and install the Command Line tools for Xcode to complete the package.
Homebrew is a package manager for OS X that allows us to easily install apps that Apple doesn’t include. Installation is simple, open Terminal and issues the command:
ruby <(curl -fsSkL raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)
To check if the environment is correctly configured or not issue the command: brew doctor
If there are any existing problems, the doctor will give the details about the issue and sometimes steps. Now to update Homebrew type: brew update
Even if the OS X comes with preinstalled Ruby, it’s an older version. So to avoid messing with the core files you should use ‘rbenv’ and ‘ruby-build’ to manage and install the Ruby development environments. Both can be installed using Homebrew, after completion, add the underlined commands to the ~/.bash_profile and exit. Exiting from the terminal session and opening a new one will reload the profile.
echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.bash_profile
By installing ‘rbenv’, it allowed to install different versions of Ruby and specify which version to use according to the project. This is useful to keep a steady development environment if you need to work with a particular Ruby version.
Then you need to run the rbenv rehash after the installation of a new version of Ruby.
To set a version to be used globally, make use of this command in the terminal.
A ‘Bundler’ manages an application’s dependencies across multiple machines systematically and repeatedly. To ensure we have the correct version of Ruby loaded in our terminal window, issue the underlined commands. It overrides both project-specific and global version so that we can know, we’re working with the right one.
Now to configure Bundler to install the gems in a location relative to your project, issue the following commands:
SQLite is a lightweight SQL service and convenient to install because Rails uses it by default while creating new projects. Installation is simple:
As Ruby has already been installed, ‘Rails’ can be installed as a Ruby Gem.
Rails has a number of dependencies to install so don’t be surprised if other gems are being installed at the same time.
If you are familiar with Rails, you must be familiar with the WEBrick server, that is launched with rails sever. ‘Pow’ is a zero configuration Rack server for Mac OS X. To install ‘pow’ issue the command:
now we have to install a new gem that makes working with ‘Pow’ easier. It’s called ‘Powify’ and it allows to easily install, update, and manage pow and pow applications.
Many Ruby on rails developer find it extremely puzzling to configure a RoR development environment on their Mac computers. These simple steps will definitely enable the programmers to start developing Rails project on the Mac.


How to install Devise in Rails 3.x

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 5:59AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. Devise handles authentication across the entire stack. It has the following features:

  • Rack based

  • MVC based on Rails engines

  • Allows you to have multiple roles (or models/scopes) signed in at the same time

  • Modularity concept: use just what you really need

<span style="font-family: Verdana,sans-serif; font-size: small;" face="Verdana, sans-serif"><span size="2">It is composed of 12 modules:



Steps to install the Devise

Add the following gem in your Gemfile

gem 'devise'

Then run

bundle install

To invoke the Devise in your application, run the devise generator

rails g devise:install

The generator will install an initialize, which describes all devise's configuration options.

Create a model “User” using devise to handle authentication.

rails g devise User

This generator creates a few interesting things like a model file, a migration and a devise_for in route.

Run the migration

rake <a class="western" href="db:migrate">db:migrate</a>

Devise provides some helper methods to recognize a user after sign in and default route paths for “sign in”, “sign up” and “sign out”

We can modify our 'app/views/layout/application.html.erb' file to allow us to “sign out”, “sign in” and “sign up” by writing the following block

  <% if user_signed_in? %>
    Signed in as <%= current_user.email %>. Not you?
    <%= link_to "Sign out", destroy_user_session_path,:method => :delete %>
  <% else %>
    <%= link_to "Sign up", new_user_registration_path %> or
    <%= link_to "Sign in", new_user_session_path %>
  <% end %>

Configuring views

Since Devise is an engine, all its views are packaged inside the devise gem.

Get all the view files for devise by running the following generate command

rails generate devise:views

You can also configure the message language, mailer from address and other things by editing the devise config files as located in following locations

devise.en.yml – config/locales

devise.rb – config/initializers

Now you are done to use the app with authentication!


How to Create a Form Page in Refinery CMS App

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 5:56AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

Refinery is a powerful CMS based on Rails framework. It gives a fully generated site with admin control features. However, we can extend it to create our own customized forms like Job Inquiry, Contact Us etc… by following this tutorial. Here is the environment we have used on this tutorial. Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.2.8 & RefineryCMS 2.0.8

Cd to refinerycms application

Execute the following command to get all the options & usages to create a form engine in refinery CMS

rails g refinery:form

Execute the following command to create a form. Let’s create a Job Inquiry form

rails generate refinery:form job_inquiry name:string message:text job_type:radio




Run the following commands

bundle install

rails generate refinery:job_inquiries

rake db:migrate

rake db:seed

This will create a “job inquiry” engine in the “vendor/extensions” folder


Add the "job type" and "qualification" data in the

"/vendor/extensions/job_inquiries/app/models/refinery/job_inquiries/job_inquiry.rb" model. You can also add other fields as per your requirement.

module Refinery

  module JobInquiries

    class JobInquiry < Refinery::Core::BaseModel

      self.table_name = 'refinery_job_inquiries'

      attr_accessible :name, :message, :job_type, :brochure, :qualification, :position

      acts_as_indexed :fields => [:name, :message]

      # Add some validation here if you want to validate the user's input

      # We have validated the first string field for you.

      validates :name, :presence => true

      JOB_TYPES = ["Freelance", "Fulltime", “Contract”]





Restart the rails server to get the effect

That’s it! We will have a fully functional Job Inquiry form attached in our refinery application. This will also add the following functionalities automatically.

  • Mail send feature to Admin after submitting the job inquiry form
  • Auto email respond functionality to the user after submitting the form
  • Adds Job Inquiry menu in the Admin side to manage auto email respond message, mail id change to get job inquiry
  • Adds an Inbox in the Job Inquiry Menu for Admin to manage all the forms submitted through the Job Inquiry form


Summary of Orangescrum features we added lately

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 9:49PM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

Constant updates to Orangescrum takes place as the engineers keep on adding new features almost everyday. With these new features your project management will now be now be simpler, faster and transparent. Here are few added:

Case Templates: Create templates for repetitive cases and choose them while posting cases.

Project wise Case Search: Search cases project-wise for effective easy case tracking & project management.

Case Glide Chart: A graphical chart to track bugs, enhancements, development, R & D, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and upgradations during a certain period in the project timeline.

File or Case Archiving: You can archive files or cases not used anymore and also restore them back when needed.

Image Viewer and Direct Image Links: View attached images in your projects through the pop-up image viewer. Also view images on Orangescrum from direct mail links and download them.

Improved Email Notifications: You can now set preferences for receiving email notifications to admin or team members regarding projects/milestones etc.

Improvised Milestones Management: Keep track of overdue and upcoming milestones.

We're on the process of adding some new features like Calendars, Improved Time Tracking and Project Report Generation to our future updates.

Keep visiting the space for more updates.



KurrentJobs.com – A Better Choice for Technical Recruiters

Tue, 09/25/2012 - 11:46PM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

The Startup trend is rising in the webosphere. Inspired from companies like Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram, many people are willing to implement their ideas as startups. As your startup company grows you need right people to do your jobs and that's what most of the recruiters are tired about. There are many information technology job portals on the web featuring startup jobs, but they still got hung around with some loop holes. We had gone through some startup job posting sites in the past few months and found that:

Most of the job sites-

  • Ask for registration by filling out long forms, we bet, you shy away from this!

  • Limited to major countries (like UK, USA etc)

  • Confused over jobs, news, companies and widgets

  • Limited or no free job posting allowed (some charges between 99 to 400 USD per job)

  • Don't come up with job types

  • Don't support social logins with Facebook or Twitter

  • Somewhat biased to either employers or candidates

KurrentJobs.com runs where others can't walk”


Yes! After finding these we developed KurrentJobs.com, a technical job board where we tried to mend all the loop holes. KurrentJobs.com is an ideal free job posting site for technical recruiters and this doesn't mean we forgot the applicants. See how KurrentJobs.com can help both Recruiters and Applicants,

Facebook Login Support: Clients no more have to go through filling up forms for registration. Just login through your Facebook account and start posting jobs.

Easy Job Posting: We bet you can complete your job posting in less than sixty seconds, which would be taking 2-3 minutes in other websites.

What's Your Job Type: You can post job types as per your requirements among Fulltime, Freelance, Internship and Contractual. Its actually beneficial for both employer and applicants.

Apply through LinkedIn: Applicants feel the same about form filling as the recruiters. So we allow applicants to apply for jobs by logging into their LinkedIn profile.

Lightweight ATS: We've made the application tracking system simple in KurentJobs.com.

With all of these features and more, KurrentJobs.com is surely a better choice for startup jobs and companies. So do you think it can help you too. Why not give it a try?

Try the demo at KurrentJobs.com and find out yourself.


New Iphone 5 is Big with a Small Wow Factor

Mon, 09/24/2012 - 12:15AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

Apple has unveiled its most awaited iPhone, the iPhone 5 in the launch event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. As soon as Apple CEO Tim Cook winded up his updated product metrics talk on the stage, marketing chief Phil Schiller went up to introduce the new iPhone 5 and its features. With iPhone application development on the rise and Apple winning the recent patent case, iPhone 5 has gained enough hype among iPhone lovers around the world. iphone application development

As you try to find the differences between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, you'll find a lot. The iPhone 5 is much bigger and more than 15% thinner than the iPhone 4S. With the body of Glass and Aluminum, its now much lighter weighing about 3.95 ounces in total. Some of the key features which are improved in this new iPhone are:

  • Retinal display stretched from 3.5 inches to 4 inches which gives users and iOS developers some extra space to play around

  • 8MP Camera with backside illumination, in-built panorama mode and smart noise filtering

  • Three in-built microphones for improved in-voice assistant Siri

  • Apple's new A6 processor which is double fast than other processors

  • Long battery support; as iPhone 5 can stand more than 8 hours of 4G browsing

  • New dock connector called “Lightning” and designer earpods

After looking over these features, you can say that they are evolutionary, but you surely would be looking for a WOW factor which lacks in iPhone 5. Most of these technologies or features are somehow available with Android or other smartphones. Apple has launched the iPhone 5 to give over the edge competition to companies like Samsung, the leading smartphone seller in market. The new iPhone 5 will be on sale in nine countries from 21 September onwards and will be reaching to 240 countries by this year end.

During the event some other Apple products like redesigned iTunes library & new iPod ranges are shown. With various product ranges and more than 7,00,000 apps in the iTunes library, Apple plays a key competitor in the smartphone market. Andolasoft, one of the pioneers of iPhone application development has also opened its toolbox to explore on iPhone 5 and iOS 6. We've expert developers who work closely with you in an agile and innovative environment.


Why Android Shouldn't get threatened from Windows 8

Tue, 09/04/2012 - 12:07AM by andolasoft 0 Comments -

Microsoft has announced its upcoming OS Windows 8 on February 2012 which will be launched in the coming Fall. There are loads of features in Windows 8, but will it be a strong contender in the tablet or smartphone war? Android now covers 50-55 percentage of mobile and tablet markets around the world and most the custom software development companies choose android application development as their primary expertise. One of the great advantages of Android over Windows 8 is its open source, free and customizable. Let's compare some of the key features of the above two and see as below.                                             

Home Screen

Home screen in both Android and Windows 8 are great with amazing dynamic icons and widget controls. Windows 8 placed icons and widgets in a more dynamic and usable manner, which is great for first-party apps. But when it come to third-party apps icons, justifying them is a lot harder. But in case of Android everything is customizable as the widgets can be re-sized, icons adjust themselves as per space on home screen and widgets show a lot information.

Browser Syncing

Google provides the Chrome for Android, which has a great desktop sync including bookmark and search sync. Browser Sync is virtually absent with the Internet Explorer running on Windows 8.

App Market

In the app Market there are around 600,000 apps based for android platforms whereas Windows based apps count only to 100,000 odd. It seems in the coming days it will be very difficult for Windows to catch up with android the way it grows. Most of the individual developers and custom software development companies are releasing apps based on android application development to the app stores offering a steep competition to windows.

Price Comparison of Tablets

Manufacturers of Windows 8 tablets will have to use Windows 8 RT licenses costing around 90-100$ per device to build the devices which is a lot of money if compared to the free Android licensing. So the windows tablets will cost 30-40 percentage more than the Android tablets.

Apart from the above, Windows 8 lacks functionality in Voice Commands, Maps and Call Features as compared to Android. Even if Windows 8 have some advantages on Office Suites, Video Chatting, Wallets and user-friendliness, but it still has a long long way to go to level with the standards of Android.

Android Application Development is one of the major services offered by Andolasoft supported by experienced android developers who build the best apps as per your requirements. We work in an agile and collaborative environment to bring success to every project. We've developed apps based on restoration management, online to-do list services, rigging capacity tracking, baby vaccination tracking and on many other projects. Andolasoft provides android development in Corporate business applications, Multimedia and gaming applications, Web based applications and social networking applications for small startups and large businesses. If you are looking for android developer then please visit us at, http://www.andolasoft.com/services/iphone-android-development